NFT Collection

Eight amazing characters from the planet Octa. Now they are with us

NFT Number

The Sage

This is the message to the World immersed in chaos. Octorians’ wisdom to create the World with unlimited possibilities. 

I am Enas, the oldest of Us. We are coming to Earth to pass the ancient knowledge. Our Eight representatives have landed on earth in various forms to spread the word.

My grandson is between you for some time, his name is Satoshi Nakamoto and brought you the technology of the future. We are here to tell you about what we have been using for centuries.


High-quality characters automatically generate


Learning, researching, and studying the crypto market daily


The immersive world of NFTs with all its collectors & projects


Slow, steady, and natural community growth within the Edureco Academy


Use your NFTs as an
Alternate Asset Class

A collection of 8,888 avatars that give you membership access to EDURECO ACADEMY platform.It is an amazing place where the greatest cryptocurrency enthusiasts will meet and exchange knowledge, NFT drops, live events,  metaverse crypto events and more that will be revealed over time. Community ownership in Octo allows for a new genre of media which the world has yet to explore. An Octo is your identity in the metaverse — let’s build together.

How to enter the OCTO World

STEP - 01

Set up your wallet

Subscribe to the white list

STEP - 02

Mint you NFT

Connect with your wallet and mint NFT

STEP - 03

Invisible nft

After dismounting, you will see your nft in your wallet, but you won't know exactly what nft you have until public sale ends

STEP - 04

Enjoy your NFT

When the presale is over, all tokens will be unlocked and you will see what exactly you got


Thanks to OCTORIANS you will gain access to:

– Free access to education materials !
– Access to new projects coming in !
– Access to closed events with CEO of new projects and investors
– Investment strategies from Masters
– Access to Vip Groupe
– Access to Edureco APP
– Free entrance to Physical Crypto Club
– You logo on Wall of Gratnes
– Earn more on learn2earn platform

– 10% from each sale will go to a closed wallet that will be shown on the page, which of the nft Octorians token holders will become the owner of this wallet (more soon)

– Access to lunchpad 

We change the cryptocurrency’s utility.


Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 2023

Meet Our Team



OCTORIANS answer your repeating questions

Each character will give you access to different things

You need all eight characters to be in our exclusive club.

Octoblock is a platform that brings together all crypto comunity. You can earn money by being active and helping others. There you will find information on the latest projects, airdrops, lunchpads, market forecasts. You will be able to participate in various discussions and earn money. This will be where you want to be

the white list will be closed at the end of April then all those who signed up on the white list will be able to buy their NFT at the lowest price for two weeks, then for the next 4 weeks it will be presale and will end in mid-June